yoga and aromatherapy

Yoga And Aromatherapy: What Are The Benefits And Safe Practises?

By team | October 20, 2023

Aromatherapy Yoga is an integrative approach to holistic health that combines the benefits of Aromatherapy with those of the ancient yoga practice. In this book, we will delve into the science of Aromatherapy Yoga, discussing its many advantages and providing advice on how to practise it securely and beneficially. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi trying […]

what are the benefits and dangers of kundalini yoga

What Are The Benefits And Dangers Of Kundalini Yoga?

By team | October 19, 2023

Recent years have seen a surge in interest in Kundalini Yoga, an ancient spiritual practice with deep physical and metaphysical implications. Kundalini Yoga stands out as a distinctive method of holistic health and spiritual development due to its combination of powerful asanas (postures), meditation, breath regulation, and mantra chanting. This holistic method stimulates Kundalini’s energy […]

what makes vinyasa yoga special

What Makes Vinyasa Yoga Special?

By team | October 18, 2023

Movement and flow are key to Vinyasa Flow. It’s a modern, refreshing take on yoga, perfect for those who like to push themselves in new ways. Yoga is not a relaxing stroll in the park but a rigorous physical practice. Expect to feel the heat. The unique feature is the incorporation of powerful breathing methods […]

what is mantra and how it is used in kundalini yoga

What Is Mantra And How It Is Used In Kundalini Yoga?

By team | October 17, 2023

Kundalini Yoga Mantras are one-of-a-kind sound patterns that activate a vibratory effect on our subtle and physical bodies, establishing a connection to the Naad, our inner sound current. Gurmukhi, a simple phonetic alphabet, records KY Mantras so that anybody, not just a priest or intermediary, can read them. Gurmukhi means “from the Guru’s mouth” in […]

what are the importance of sequencing to yoga

What Are The Importance Of Sequencing To Yoga?

By team | October 16, 2023

The significance of specific sequences of postures is often assumed. The order in which we practise the postures can help us avoid injury, build skills that lead us to a “peak” pose, keep us from harming ourselves, or facilitate group movement with unity. Timelines can also be accessed using sequences. However, a historical perspective requires […]

how yoga improved posture and alignment

How Yoga Improved Posture And Alignment?

By team | October 15, 2023

Many people have poor posture because of their sedentary lives and bad habits in their everyday tasks, displaying characteristics of kyphosis (an abnormally rounded upper spine) and lordosis (an abnormally arched lower back). Postural kyphosis (also known as a “hunchback”) and postural lordosis (also known as a “swayback”) are two examples of aberrant curves in […]

kundalini yoga

Kundalini Yoga: Awakening Stages And How It Differs From Other Types Of Yoga?

By team | October 14, 2023

When activated, Kundalini’s energy is extremely powerful and can profoundly affect one’s life. A Kundalini awakening, however, is not instantaneous. This article reveals that the process of awakening Kundalini can take years. Keep reading if you’re intrigued about what happens during a Kundalini awakening and its effects. We’ll explore Kundalini’s three stages, how it affects […]

why is slow flow yoga a good idea

Why Is Slow-Flow Yoga A Good Idea?

By team | October 13, 2023

You can think of Slow Flow as a hybrid of Vinyasa and Hatha yoga. Vinyasa flow is an active, dynamic style of yoga that emphasises linking breath with movement and poses. As the name implies, Flow yoga is characterised by a continuous flow from one posture to the next. In contrast, Hatha Yoga is done […]

what to consider before practising yoga

What To Consider Before Practising Yoga?

By team | October 12, 2023

Since the mind controls the body, it stands to reason that a person who regularly practises Yoga can achieve remarkable success in all areas of their lives. When you practise Yoga, you’ll find that you have vast stores of pent-up energy that were previously being wasted. You can cultivate ‘Prana Tatva’ in your body once […]

what benefits does kundalini yoga offer

What Benefits Does Kundalini Yoga Offer?

By team | October 11, 2023

Awareness is the goal of Kundalini Yoga, also known as the Yoga of the Kundalini. It’s yoga for those who get out and about in the world, the householder variety. Renunciates are responsible for the development of most other yoga traditions. Kundalini Yoga provides tools for rapid spiritual development and recovery. Regular practice allows you […]