yin yoga vs. hatha yoga

Yin Yoga Vs. Hatha Yoga: What’s The Difference?

By team | September 30, 2023

Numerous yoga traditions exist, each with its emphasis and advantages. Yin and Hatha Yoga are common practices people want to learn more about. Although both stem from old traditions, important distinctions should be considered when deciding which method is best for you. This article will compare and contrast Yin and Hatha yoga, offering insight into […]

what are the role of yoga for stress management

What Are The Role Of Yoga For Stress Management?

By team | September 29, 2023

The calming effects of yoga have been known for a long time. Yoga is a popular method for relieving stress because it mixes physical activity with mental and emotional focus, breathing exercises, and physical relaxation. More and more individuals are realising the stress-relieving advantages of yoga, contributing to the practice’s meteoric rise in popularity. The […]

how to practice slow flow yoga

How To Practice Slow Flow Yoga?

By team | September 28, 2023

Try slow-flow yoga, which incorporates deep breathing, stretching, and restorative postures to restore your body and mind. Slow-flow yoga is great for stretching sore muscles after a strenuous week of barre and pilates. In need of some mental peace? Daily slow-flow yoga might help clear your mind and calm your day-to-day activities. Slow-flow yoga has […]

how to awaken your energy with kundalini yoga

How To Awaken Your Energy With Kundalini Yoga?

By team | September 27, 2023

The Eastern practice of Kundalini yoga combines breathwork, meditation, and chanting to awaken the body’s latent energy. What is it, though? The Sanskrit word for “Kundalini” translates to “coiled snake” in English. It is a strong, innovative force thought to flow along the spinal column. You may fulfil your potential and find your life’s purpose […]

why should you add cardio yoga to your workout routine

Why Should You Add Cardio Yoga To Your Workout Routine?

By team | September 26, 2023

Yoga emphasising cardiovascular fitness is known as “cardio yoga.” Those who want the stress-relieving effects of yoga but prefer a more rigorous practice have helped propel its rise in popularity. Many people have reported positive effects from practising yoga, including increased flexibility, improved breathing and energy, injury prevention, stress relief, weight loss, and improved mental […]

vinyasa yoga

Vinyasa Yoga: Is It Suitable For Beginners?

By team | September 25, 2023

If you pick a Vinyasa class appropriate for your skill and fitness level, you won’t find it any more challenging than any other style of yoga. If you have little yoga experience, diving into a vinyasa class cold turkey can be challenging. There are, however, measures you can take to modify the course’s complexity. You […]

is yoga alone a sufficient form of exercise

Is Yoga Alone A Sufficient Form Of Exercise?

By team | September 24, 2023

The myth that fitness is all about how you look is widespread. Physical fitness has less to do with external appearances and more with internal disposition. It has nothing to do with the unrealistic beauty standards that women everywhere are expected to meet, which can lead to harmful attitudes towards exercise, nutrition, and body image.  […]

how does yoga improve your mental health

How Does Yoga Improve Your Mental Health?

By team | September 23, 2023

A person’s physical and mental health can benefit from regular yoga practice. It is not unexpected that yoga provides mental advantages, such as decreased anxiety and sadness, given its emphasis on breathing practises and medita¬≠tion, both of which help quiet and centre the mind. Perhaps even more surprisingly, it improves cognitive performance. These benefits are […]

how to decide which style of yoga is best for you

How To Decide Which Style Of Yoga Is Best For You?

By team | September 22, 2023

Yoga is a discipline of body and mind deeply rooted in Vedic Indian thought. Breathing exercises, stretching, meditation, and physical activity help the observer develop a keener self-awareness. Health benefits include decreased stress, an improved mood, enhanced relaxation, and more flexibility; the goal is to reach a higher level of consciousness and self-regulation.  One size […]

what are the myths and common misconceptions about practicing yoga

What Are The Myths And Common Misconceptions About Practicing Yoga?

By team | September 21, 2023

The essence of yoga is to strengthen your sense of identity and refine your character by harmonising your body, mind, and spirit. There has been a meteoric rise in adherents and practitioners ever since it was brought to Western societies. But like with any widely adopted method, misunderstandings and myths have arisen and are frequently […]